UCC Course Proposal Instructions

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Proposing to add a course to the University Core Curriculum Course is a two-stage process:

Preliminary Review – Submit the following information

  • The Course title, number, and Catalog description.
  • A rationale for the course: For what area of the Core Curriculum is this course being proposed and what perceived gap or need does it fill.
  • A complete course syllabus with learning objectives, a daily or weekly schedule, and planned assignments.
  • First semester the course will be offered.
  • Course Format: Online Only, Blended (significant content delivered both on campus and online), On Campus Only (no or minimal online resources/activities; e.g. syllabus/handouts/PowerPoints posted online).
  • Frequency Taught: every semester; every fall semester; every spring semester. (UCC courses are required to be offered at least once a year.)
  • Number of sections to be offered each time the course is offered.
  • Anticipated enrollment each time the course is offered (per section and total enrollment).
  • Class Size: Large lecture classes only (greater than 50); Large lecture classes with weekly smaller discussion or lab sessions; Small classes (30 to 50); Seminar classes (less than 30).
  • Rank and name (if known) of instructors and discussion/lab session leaders: Tenure-track faculty; NTT faculty; Graduate Teaching Assistants (M.A. or Ph.D.).
  • Person responsible for collecting and preserving annual assessment data (must be an individual on a continuing contract).
  • Person responsible for preparing assessment reports (must be an individual on a continuing contract).

In its preliminary review, the Core Curriculum Executive Council decides either (1) to approve the course for a final review, (2) to request additional information about the course, or (3) to reject the proposal.

Final Review – Submit the following information

  • An assessment plan for the course. UCC courses are expected to collect assessment data each time a course is taught. This plan should be developed in consultation with the Director of the UCC.
  • A completed Form 90 with Department and Dean signatures.
  • Proficiency Exam—As a matter of University policy, all UCC courses are eligible for satisfaction by proficiency. Please include a copy of the exam you propose to use indicating the passing grade for the exam, and the name and contact information of the person who will evaluate the exam. Arrangements for administering and evaluating proficiency exams can be made with SIU’s Testing Services (testingservices.siu.edu)

The University Core Curriculum office is located in the Student Services Building 365 (mail code 4528). If you have any questions, please call the Director at 536-5555, or email corecurr@siu.edu.

UCC Course Proposal Instructions