Foundations of Inquiry/UNIV (1 to 3 hours)

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Foundations of Inquiry

Select either: The three course sequence of UNIV 100A, UNIV 100B, and UNIV 100C (for Dual Admission Program students only) or one UNIV 101 course. Juniors or seniors may substitute UNIV 301 if they missed UNIV 101 as a firstyear student. The “Foundations of Inquiry” Core Curriculum requirement applies undergraduate students first entering SIU in Summer 2012 or later, with fewer than 26 transferable hours earned after high school graduation excluding AP, CLEP, IB and proficiency credits.

For students entering SIU from Summer 2012 through Spring 2015, this is a 3-credit hour requirement. For students entering SIU beginning in Summer 2015, this is a 1-credit hour requirement. Some programs require all students (regardless of Transferable hours) to take a specific Foundations of Inquiry course. These courses range from 1 to 3 credit hours. Students should check with their academic advisor to determine whether the program they wish to enter requires a specific UNIV 101 course. UNIV 101U is the standard section of UNIV 101.

Course ID
& Credit Hours
Course Title Type Description
UNIV 100A, B, C-1 Foundations of Inquiry for Dual Admission Program Students Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 101A - 1 to 3 Saluki Success Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 101I - 1 to 3 Foundations of Inquiry: Introduction to Agriculture, Food and Forestry Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 101J - 1 to 3 Foundations of Inquiry: Careers in Music Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 101U - 1 to 3 Saluki Success Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 101X - 1 to 3 Foundations of Inquiry: Introduction to Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Inquiry Course Description
UNIV 301 - 3 Backpack to Briefcase Inquiry Course Description