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University Core Curriculum Assessment Process

I. Decide on your Learning Objectives. Identify at least 2 learning objectives from LEAP learning outcomes and/or SIUC institutional learning outcomes

II. Create an Assessment plan

  • What are the ways in which you will measure your chosen criterion? For example, think of a pre and post test—a quiz, a journal entry, a short writing sample to know the knowledge students bring when entering class. Embed this in another exercise you will give at the end of the semester. You could also have assignments along the way to see development (or lack of) of the students in your chosen criteria.
    • It is recommended that all materials used in assessment are recorded on D2L, so they could be directly collected from D2L (with your permission) for your Assessment report. In addition, this allows students to see how their assignment grade(s) are being translated into learning objectives: If students can see their own progress, assessment becomes truly useful.
    • For more examples of potential assessment plan structures or for feedback on your proposed assessment plan, contact the UCC office at corecurr@siu.edu.
  • How will you measure student progress? You can find the generic LEAP rubrics on D2L under Assessments. Alternatively, you can choose to submit your assessment scores through email at the end of the semester.

III.  Build an Assessment Grid (like a grade book) in which you note each student’s progress as outlined in your Assessment Plan. More details on organizing and submitting assessment grades for your assessment repot. See below for a sample of how to format assessment data.

IV. Assessment Report: Includes Assessment plan, Assessment grid (emailed or through D2L rubrics/assignments), and student demographic information (provided by the university). See Assessment Report and Reflection for more details.

V. Reflection: Consider and submit a brief reflection/narrative on your course. Why you choose the particular course objectives? Why were these meaningful for your course?What aspects of your course succeeded? Where do you see the greatest leaps in knowledge? What were the gaps? What you would do again and what would you do differently? See Assessment Report and Reflection for more details on writing the reflection document.

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