UCC Course Proposal Instructions

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Course proposals will be evaluated for their academic rigor and inventiveness; engagement across disciplines; and their ability to address fundamental questions and enduring themes, both contemporary and longstanding. The course must meet two or more criteria in LEAP learning outcomes and/or SIUC institutional learning outcomes. Proposals should also explain how course assignments or assessments will measure or achieve these outcomes (although a full assessment plan is not required at the initial proposal stage).

Submitting a course proposal

All courses must be submitted using the UCC Core Proposal Form along with a syllabus.

The proposal must include:

  • A rationale for the course: For what area of the Core Curriculum is this course being proposed and what perceived gap or need within the existing Core Curriculum does it fill. Please also include a discussion of and rationale for the proposed course level (100, 200, 300)
  • What are the learning outcomes (LEAP learning outcomes and/or SIUC institutional learning outcomes) that this course fulfills and how will course assignments/assessments judge their fulfillment? Consider especially how the course is “Focused by engagement with big questions, both contemporary and enduring.” 

Process of Review

Proposing to add a course to the University Core Curriculum Course is a two-stage process:

Preliminary Review

In its preliminary review, the Core Curriculum Executive Council decides either (1) to approve the course with minor revisions for a final review (2) to revise and resubmit the proposal with additional information about the course, or (3) to reject the proposal.

Final Review – Submit the following information

  • An assessment plan for the course. UCC courses are expected to collect assessment data each time a course is taught. This plan should be developed in consultation with the Director of the UCC.
  • A completed Form 90 with Department and Dean signatures.
  • Proficiency Exam—As a matter of University policy, all UCC courses are eligible for satisfaction by proficiency. Please include a copy of the exam you propose to use indicating the passing grade for the exam, and the name and contact information of the person who will evaluate the exam. Arrangements for administering and evaluating proficiency exams can be made with SIU’s Testing Services (testingservices.siu.edu)

Offering the course

Typically, new courses whose Form 90s are approved in one semester can be taught in the following year.  For instance, a course whose Form 90 is approved in Fall 20 can be offered in the Summer/Fall of 2021, unless otherwise indicated on the formForm 90s are accepted and processed year-round by the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. 

For the course to make it in the catalog, it must meet the deadline of October 1st

The University Core Curriculum office is located in the Student Services Building 365 (mail code 4528). If you have any questions, please call the Director at 536-5555, or email corecurr@siu.edu.