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Timeline of CORE Course Assessment  picture of a portion of an example UCC assessment report

Each semester that a Core Course is taught, the instructor or course coordinator record and collect assessment data in line with the course's assessment plan. At the end of the semester, the assessment report process begins. Here is a rough outline of the steps the University Core Curriculum office currently follows to process your assessment data into a report:

  1. At the end of the semester, each course/section sends in their collected assessment data (see here for a downloadable example of the preferred data format) or the data is collected directly from D2L rubrics or assignment grades, in line with a course's assessment plan.
    • You will receive an email at the beginning and end of each semester you teach a CORE course, to remind you about collecting and sending in your assessment data.
    • If we have questions about your emailed data, or are unable to collect your data from D2L, the UCC office with email you in the following semester to clarify you assessment plan or data.
    • If you are unsure what is in your course's assessment plan, or need to update your plan due to a change in course curriculum, please email and we can send you a copy of your plan or help you update it
  2. The UCC office then takes your assessment data and converts them into score on a 1-5 scale (with a Note Evaluated-NE option), so we can compare Learning Objective scores across courses and across time. These scores roughly align to a F-A grading scale, with NE indicating a student did not complete the assessment assignment(s).
  3. We then turn your data into an interactive excel report (see Assessment Report and Reflection Tools and Examples below) using each students' scores and demographic information provided by the university. These reports are useful for you in a few ways (see Why do these assessment reports matter to me? below):
    • Easy-to-read format
    • Compare scores and grades across semesters or between sections
    • Look at potential patterns among student learning
    • Evaluate areas of improvement for high-risk students
  4. Once your interactive assessment report is ready (usually 1-2 semesters), we will send your report back to you and answer any questions you may have.
    • We encourage you to examine your report and reflect on how your course went, your students' learning, and if there is anything you want to change about your course or assessment, based on your data and course expectations.
    • If you would like a guided run-through of the notable features in your report or instructions on how to work various features of the report (like slicers), please email Emily at the UCC office (
  5. Lastly, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires that we collect a short (0.5-1 page) reflection on what you find relevant out of the assessment report and if you plan to make any changes to your course based on what you found. Tips for writing the reflection can be found under Assessment Report and Reflection Tools and Examples below.
  6. We then file away your reflection and record a portion of your assessment data in a separate document for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
Watch Here for a Breakdown of a sample UCC Assessment Report and Potential ways to Interpret it.